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The LongCaster - A newly designed long range casting bobber.

A great new slip bobber for shore anglers who need to get their baits a little further out there. The LongCaster bobber will easily double your casting distance compared to a standard slip bobber. This will allow you to get out to that weed edge, drop off or current break where the fish are. The patented water weighted design allows you to achieve great casting distance with a slow starting lob cast. This will reduce throwing off any soft and delicate bait you may be using. Casting into heavy winds is no longer a problem. Each bobber kit comes complete with all the slip bobber fishing components you need including, hooks, swivels, bobbers stops and high vis fluorescent indicators to see your bobbers at great distances and low light conditions. All packages include detailed rigging instructions.

Features  & Benefits

1) The top and bottom snap together design allows mix and match cap, reservoir and tubing colors to make for multiple color combinations. A nice feature for families with children all looking for a distinctive bobber pattern so each child can tell their bobber from their brother or sister's. Now dad  know's who to yell at when a bobber goes under.

2) The hollow design allows makes for a convenient storage area for your, spare hooks swivels and bobber stops when not in use. Find the LongCaster bobber in your tackle box and you find all your slip bobber fishing components neatly stored inside.

3)The LongCaster is great for fishing live bait out at a distance. A gentle cast with this heavily water weighted bobber gets your delicate baits farther with less effort. A deadly way of fishing small lakes or stocked ponds with boating restrictions. 

4) Overcome your casting problems on windy days. The added weight of your LongCaster makes it easy and much more accurate to cast in heavy winds.

5)The LongCaster also has the uniqe abaility to change bouyancy resistance. A specially designed removeable insert plug allows you to reduce the bouyancy for  light biters that are sometimes sensitive to to much resistance when they take your bait.

6) The LongCaster is almost indestructible-- giving you years and years of service.

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